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This action-packed game is distributed by Rockstar Games. The game was released in October 2001 for PS2 and in May 2002 for Microsoft Windows. The game was later made available for mobile phones through a remastered version. It is the fifth title in the GTA franchise. Gameplay occurs in a fictional city called Liberty city, which bears the close resemblance to New York City. It features the protagonist Claude who after being involved in gang fights is left for dead in the world of crime, gangs, and corruption. Just like other GTA games, it is played from a third person perspective with the characters having the ability to move by vehicle or foot. The open design in liberty city enables the player to explore the surroundings and visit the cities three islands. Most of the game development consisted of transforming series into full 3D. The release was, however, delayed during the September 11, USA attacks. The game was very controversial due to its widespread depiction of sexual content and violence. The game was the bestselling game for 2001 and sold over 14.5 million copies since. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

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How to Play GTA 3 Game?

The game is a third person perspective game that is filled with action. To progress through the story players need to complete some linear missions with set objectives. You can have more than missions running concurrently with one mission waiting for another for instructions. Outside of the game missions, the player can explore the open world and visit the three boroughs Staunton Island, Portland, and Shoreside Vale. You get to unlock more stuff as the story progresses. Get our GTA 3 Cheats.

The players can jump, run, and use the game’s vehicles to navigate through the game. To provide assistance against enemies there is the auto-aim that can be used for combat. The health meter can be used to gauge how the player takes damage. You can also use the body armor to resist gunshots and explosive destruction. When the player has exhausted all his health in the meter, they can only recharge through a hospital. This means they lose their money and armor. Get our GTA 3 Cheats.

A wanted meter shows how you are doing when you when committing crimes. The wanted meter is displayed through stars. When the stars reach a maximum of six then the law enforcement agencies become more aggressive. The meter cools down when the player is not within the police sight. Unlike GTA 5, the player controls a mute protagonist who goes by the name of Claude. Claude interacts with several members of criminal gangs. The player is required to complete several missions for gangs; some gang members will support you will the rival ones will oppose the player. Players can also engage in other activities outside the game like firefighting, vigilante mini-game, and a taxi service. Once you have completed some of these tasks, you get rewards like the ability to bribe police officers when caught committing a crime. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

To fight off enemies the player uses firearms, melee attacks, and explosives. Some of the firearms used in the game include M16 rifle, Micro Uzi, and the flamethrower. GTA 3 allows a first-person perspective that allows the player to engage a rocket launcher, sniper rifle, and M16 rifle. The game also allows players to engage in drive-by shootings. You have a wide array of weapons at your disposal with additional ones available for purchase in dealer shops, retrieving from dead enemies, from the ground, and around the city. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

What is the Game Plot in GTA 3 Cheats?

The game’s plot begins when his girlfriend betrays Claude during a botched robbery attempt on a bank. She later escapes with unnamed Colombian man. While he survives the attack but is sentenced to ten years in jail. Claude prison van is attacked by the Colombian criminal gang who are bent on rescuing one of their own called 8-ball. He later introduces Claude to the Leone Mafia who includes Don Salvatore, Sex club 7 owner Luigi Goterell, and Toni Cipriani. While working for the Mafia, Claude finds himself on opposing sides with his former girlfriend and her partners who are after a wonder drug called SPANK. While on a mission to destroy a Colombian ship ordered by Salvatore, Claude is saved by Salvatore wife who has developed a crush on him. They soon flee to the Island Staunton when Salvatore wife reveals to Claude that she revealed to Salvatore that they have been having an affair. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

Claude soon finds work under Asuka and is given the task of assassinating Salvatore. The leone family is now against him and this would cut off all ties. To defeat them Claude has to find new allies; this he does through collaboration with a corrupt cop called Ray Machowski who loathes the Leone family. He helps the cop escape the dragnet set up by the CIA and Internal affairs by helping flee to Vice city. He also befriends a media mogul by the name of Donald Love. Claude and Love organize to kill Asuka brother and begin a war between the cartels. In return for helping him, Love asks Claude to help him rescue an old man caught by the cartels. He confronts his former girlfriend –Catalina – but she manages to escape. Asuka trying to find out who killed his brother kidnaps Catalina’s partner. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

As the cartel gets bigger, Maria and Asuka soon learn of Claude involvement with Catalina and ask him to destroy the cartel’s operations. This, however, draws Catalina attention. The cartel narrows down on Claude team by murdering Miguel and Asuka and kidnap Maria. They demand a ransom of five hundred thousand in exchange for her life. Catalina is confronted by Claude and in the process attempts to have him killed but he escapes. She makes a final attempt to kill Claude by flying a helicopter. Claude fires at the heli and it explodes in flames killing Catalina. The game ends with Maria telling Claude about her ordeal but a gunshot is heard and she goes silent. Download our GTA 3 Cheats Here.GTA 3 Cheats


Game Development for GTA 3

The development team for the game had 23 people and it was a collaboration between Rockstar games in New York and DMA Design in Edinburgh. By the time it reached 2001 the game developers had already done the cars, city, and weapons. Due to time constraints and resource allocations, the multiplayer mode was dropped. The game has the ability to be ported to Microsoft Windows and PS2. The game was the first 3D game in the franchise. It used the innovative Criterion Games RenderWare Game engine. Concepts in the previous GTA games were expanded in GTA 3. This was so that it could bring a breathing 3D experience that could be utilized in PS2. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

The game was the first to use DVDs instead of CDs found in previous PS games enabled the team to store more data and animation graphics. Due to the scale, there were challenges fitting the game into PS2 32 Megabyte RAMs. Due to a variety of options, the game’s size proved to a challenge for testers. The main objective for the team was to create a living city. Sam Houser the Executive producer for the game felt that the use of 3D graphics enabled the teams to collaborate for the first time. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

One major challenge experienced by the team was trying to convert all the game elements into 3D; this extended to radio stations, sound effects and the voices for the non-playable characters. It is estimated that there were around 8000 to 1800 of recorded voice content in the game. Technical teams started working on the stable streaming model and carjacking mechanic prototype in mid-2000. The steaming was initially slated for map geometry and music but it was extended to other elements as more data was entered. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.Download GTA 3 Cheats

The initial game design for the city used a hybrid system that included both the Midwest slash and the east coast themes. The team had initially decided to use a real city but realized that there was a lot of detail required. This led them to create a fictional city called Liberty city. The city previously featured in GTA 1997. Liberty city is divided into three islands; one represents Queens and Brooklyn, Suburbs in New Jersey and a commercial center like one in Manhattan. You get to unlock the islands as the game plot progresses. There is a general feeling of poverty as the player rises through riches. Liberty city is described as a hybrid of Pittsburg, Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Philadelphia. This social setting enabled the team to make more commentary than in previous titles. The game found influence from movies such as Legend of Zelda, Goodfellas, and Super Mario 64. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

The design and storyline were developed simultaneously. It was difficult for the game developers to create the narrative because the intention is to give the player some freedom. They did not want to follow the cliché of a bad guy superhero rising from the ashes. The game had a lot of interactivity with a set of objectives that had to be fulfilled in every mission. Each story in the missions contributed to a larger story. The team drew inspiration from various mob movies including the Mafioso in Martin Scorsese film. To reconstruct the story components Houser and Worrall frequently met with the designers and the place they were working in was soon filled with post-it notes. Get our GTA Cheats Here.

Motion capture was used to animate most of the characters. This was done in Brooklyn Navy Yard in a rented studio. However, it was limited by technical restraints. Though limited by polygons the character movement was viewed as cinematic. Due to a variety of vehicle designs, the animating of non-player characters driving cars proved difficult for the team. This involved joining together several animations. In order to evoke several emotions, they team used varying camera angles for the cutscenes. The game has over three and half hours of in-game audio. The music had to incorporate a gangster like a theme. Get our GTA 3 Cheats Here.

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