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Rockstar North released the game in September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Later in November 2014, it was made available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game precedes GTA 4 released in 2008. It features a fictional town called San Andreas which has similarities to Southern California. The plot follows three criminals who plan to commit some heists while under hot pursuit from government agencies. The game is single player and operates in an open world design. This gives the player the freedom to roam around the town. You can also go to another fictional city called Los Santos; has similarities with Los Angeles. GTA 5 can either be played from either a first person or third person perspective. Players navigate the town streets by foot or a vehicle. Since there are three protagonists, you will need to switch between each one of them as you accomplish the game’s objectives. Gameplay involves shootings, heists, and driving gameplay. The game has a wanted meter that governs how the law enforcement reacts to criminal activities. An online version of the game enables up to 30 players to engage in various competitive and cooperative game modes. Development of the game begun soon as GTA IV was released and this happened in several Rockstar studios. Get our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.Download GTA 5 Phone Cheats

How to Play GTA 5 Game?

Gameplay takes place in both first and third person perspective. There several linear missions that have to be completed each having its own set of objectives. Outside these missions, you can choose to roam around and explore the town. San Andreas has an open countryside and includes the fictional town of Los Santos and Blaine County. Compared to other games the land mass in GTA 5 is larger. You can explore this from the beginning but you will need to complete missions so as to unlock some of the games special features. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

Just like previous GTA games, the player has an arsenal of explosives, firearms, and melee attacks that they use to fight off enemies. They can also jump, run, swim, and use a vehicle to explore the city. Size the game size is changed, the player has access to fixed wing aircraft. For assistance to enemies, the player can use the cover system and auto-aim. The health meter is still there to record damage levels of the player. If the health of the player depletes they can recharge in a hospital. The wanted meter appears on the HUD screen and shows how wanted a person is by the law enforcement agencies. If the wanted level gets to five stars then the SWAT team and police helicopters are sent in. if the player remains out of the officer’s line of vision the meter recedes. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

In the single player mode, the player is able to control three characters – Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, and Michael De Santa. The three protagonist objectives intertwine. Some mission may require two characters, others one and some all the characters. Outside of the missions, players can use the directional compass on the HUD to switch between characters. If certain objectives need to be achieved, the game will automatically switch between characters. A character’s avatar will flash white when they have a strategic advantage and turn red if his danger. While most of the missions require the three protagonists, heists that are more complex require AI assistance for tasks like driving and computer hacks. The accomplice will take a cut from a heist if it’s successful. Heists that are more complicated need strategic planning and incapacitating agents can be sued to subdue victims. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

Each of the characters in the game possesses eight skills that represent areas like driving and shooting. The characters come with some default skills but as you progress through the game, your skills improve. For example, Trevor possesses unique flying skills.  Players while roaming in the game can perform activities like BASE jumping and Scuba driving. Each of the game characters possesses a smartphone which they can use for starting activities, contacting friends, and accessing the in-game on the internet. Through the net, players can even trade in the stock exchange. You can also purchase businesses and garages, upgrade vehicles and weapons. Personal customization features include tattoos, outfits, and haircuts. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

What is the game plot in GTA 5?

The game’s plot begins with Brad Snider, Michael Townley and Trevor Philips who are faced with a botched robbery in North Yankton. Michael is put into a witness protection program nine years later under the disguise Micahel De Santa. Franklin who works for a corrupt car dealer become friends when he tries to deceptively repossess his son’s car. The plot twists when Michael finds his wife sleeping with a tennis coach. They chase the coach to a mansion, which Michael in a fit of anger destroys. The mansion, however, belongs to a Mexican drug lord called Martin who demands compensation for the destruction of his house. To get the money for compensation, Michael goes back to his life of crime with franklin acting as his accomplice. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

GTA 5 Phone CheatsMichael soon enlists the services of his friend Lester, who is an accomplished hacker. He helps them break into a jewelry store where they get the money to compensate the Mexican drug lord. Trevor who still believes that Michael was killed years ago in their botched up heist, studies the heist and realizes it must be the work of Michael. He tracks down his home and they are soon reunited. This start running out of control due to Michael erratic behavior; his family soon leave him. He soon finds himself conflicting with a movie producer called Richard Majestic who is opposed to his ideas for shutting down his studio. Lamar Davis is rescued by Franklin from Harold who is bent on killing him so as to prove himself. Trevor attempts to take control of Blaine black markets puts him in direct conflict with the Lost outlaw motorcycle club, rival meth dealers, Latin America street gangs, private security firm Merryweather, hillbillies, and a Triad lord called Wei Cheng. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

Meanwhile, two FIB agents named Steve Haines and Dave Norton contact Michael with the intention of using him to undermine a rival FBI agency called IAA. With Lester help and under supervision from Steve, they hit a truck with a full load of money that is intended for the IAA.  They also steal a chemical weapon for the IAA. The FIB soon narrows down on Steven for the attacks and this causes him to seek the services of Michael and Franklin to break into the FIB servers and erase any evidence that incriminates Steven in the attacks. However, Michael also erases any evidence that the FIB had against him, which means Steven, can no longer blackmail him. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

Franklin, Trevor, Michael, and Lester begin plans for the biggest heist that they have ever done – raiding the Union Depository Gold reserve. Before the heist, Michael is able to reconcile with his family. Trevor gets information that says that his friend Brad was not imprisoned as he thought but had died during the heist and buried in a grave marked for Michael. This information causes some friction between him and Michael and threatens all their plans for the Union Depository heist. The team is betrayed and find themselves in a standoff that pities the IAA, FIB, and Merryweather. Trevor, still harboring saves the team and they continue with the Union Depository Heist. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

The heist goes on well but there is disunity among the members with Dave and Steve contending that Trevor is a liability while Devin wants revenge on Michael for betraying him. Franklin is faced with three choices kill either Michael or Trevor or in a suicide mission attempt to save both of them. If Franklin kills either Trevor or Michael he can go back to his previous life. The team later reconciles but cease their working relationship besides remaining friends. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

Game Development for GTA 5 Game

Game development for the game began soon after the release of GTA IV. Rockstar had a very large team consisting of over one thousand people with some of the staff coming from their studios across the globe. To handle additional animations and rendering tasks the team used the Euphoria and Bullet software. The familiarity of the game developers with PS3 and Xbox 360 led the developers to push the graphical capabilities of the console further than in previous games. The game was also very expensive to develop with estimates putting the figure at 265 million dollars or 170 million pounds. This pushed the records for game development making GTA 5 the most expensive game ever made. You can get a feel of the game by downloading our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

The open world of the game was modeled on Los Angeles and Southern California. This constituted most of the game’s in-game design. To make the scenes more realistic the team went on research field trips in the destinations and took photos and videos which were later used for game development. To design the Los Santos road networks the team used Google Maps projections of Los Angeles. To make the demographic spread of the game more realistic the team studied census reports of the city and watched documentaries. The open world in the game become the most technically challenging aspect of the game. The series changed its objectives to enable players to control three protagonists instead of one. This idea had first been suggested in GTA San Andreas but at that time there were several budgetary restrictions. Gameplay was refined through the cover system and shooting mechanisms. The audition process selected Steven Ogg, Shawn Fonteno, and Ned Luke to represent the protagonists Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. The trio performances were recorded though innovative motion capture technology. The dialogue scenes where the characters are seated in vehicles were however recorded in Rockstar studios. The in-game has licensed music with over 241 tracks – a record for a game. It also features two radio shows. The game received global recognition with over 800 million dollars generated in revenue worldwide. Download our GTA 5 Phone Cheats Here.

GTA 5 Phone Cheats

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