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GTA Liberty city is part of the GTA franchise and is published by Rockstar Games. The game was made available for PlayStation Portable on October 24, 2005. Liberty city follows San Andreas and is succeeded by GTA: Vice city stories. For the Japanese release, it was published and distributed by Capcom. Through the PlayStation Network, it was released for PlayStation 3 on April 2, 2013. On June 6, 2006, a port was released for PlayStation 2. During this time the price for the PS2 port was half that of PlayStation. The port lacked some features found in PSP like the custom ripping capability for soundtracks. The game was released for Android, iOS and Fire OS devices on December 17, 2015, and March 11, 2016. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

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How to Play GTA Liberty City Stories?

The game is played from a third-person perspective in an open environment. It is an action-packed game that is themed after Grand Theft Auto III. You will also find some features found in later series like clothing changes, more indoor environments, and motorcycles. The player in keeping up with other GTA games can move the camera around as they look up their surroundings. Players will however not be able to swim or climb in GTA liberty city. If by any chance they come into contact with a dead body in water it could cause them harm. The game layout is smaller than that in San Andreas. Get our GTA Liberty city cheats here.

Just like GTA III players can use motorcycles. Liberty city also lacks the helicopters and flyable airplanes found in both San Andreas and Vice City. GTA Liberty city PSP version features a multiplayer mode that incorporates up to six players. You have access to seven game modes through wireless gaming. The character models and pedestrians are from the single player avatars. The modes were later removed in the mobile versions and PS2. Get our GTA Liberty city cheats here.

What is the Game Plot in GTA Liberty City?

The game plot begins in 1998 when the main protagonist Antonio Cipriani after killing a man is forced into exile on the orders of Salvatore Leone. He, however, decides to settle in the city of Liberty. During Toni’s exile, Vincenzo grows in prominence, filling the gap left by Tony. Apon, arrival in Liberty city, Antonio is met by a member of Leone family, Salvatore himself and Vincenzo. Vincenzo orders Salvatore to find Toni an apartment and something to do while in Liberty city. Toni soon comes to the realization that Vincenzo wants to set him up with the police and decides to quit his job. He joins a gang led by the rival Sindacco mob and who have now changed their loyalty to serve Leone J.D. O’Toole. However this does not happen because when Toni is about to join the family, Leone hit is ordered. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

Vincenzo soon calls Toni apologizing for his current situation and promises to fix it. He asks to meet Him, but Toni realizes this to be a trap. He also realizes that Vincenzo only wants to take his place in the Leone family. In the process, he kills some of Vincenzo henchmen who are set to murder him. Vincenzo is killed in the process. After this, he resumes working for the Salvatore family. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

Toni soon meets his mother who is shocked by his rise in the criminal organization. She has disapproval concerning this. Things turn worse for Toni when the mum orders a hit on him but his ability to kill the hitmen and things become frosty between mother and son. His relationship with Salvatore and his wife – Maria – however, gets better by the day to the point where Salvatore gives him a bigger apartment and offers him a job to chauffeur them to a secluded place where they are far from all the drama from Leone and other criminal gangs. There is already a war that is brewing between the three-mafia families – Sindaccos, Leones, and Forellis. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

Toni loyalty for the Leone is evident and he soon is awarded the title of made man. Toni’s mother soon learns of Toni’s rise in the Leone family and is elated she calls of her hit on Toni. This does not last long as the police raid Salvatore place and arrests him on allegations that he is the gang leader going by the name “Mr. Big”. Toni remains in the shadows doubling up as a lawyer, he continues being loyal to Salvatore and this leads him to take up a job that ultimately leads to the death of Sindacco family head – PaulieSindacco. It is soon discovered that it was Paulie who was responsible for the arrest of Leone by corrupting the town’s Mayor. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

Soon after this Toni rises and becomes the new leader in the Leone family. Salvatore rivals plan to throw him into prison through a trial. Toni intervenes when he learns of their plot. Salvatore is soon released on bail and realizes that Miles O’Donovan has taken the mayor hostage and his the one who is behind his woes. Toni and Salvatore soon learn of the place that the Mayor is being held hostage and travel there to rescue him. A fight ensues and Toriniis killed, this leaves the Mayor in Toni and Salvatore debt. O’Donovan is requested by Salvatore to ensure the safety of the Leone family while Toni rattles him to ensure compliance. The game ends with a twist the Salvatore uncle was behind all the attacks on Salvatore family. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

GTA Liberty City Cheats

Game Development

IGN was of the opinion that Rockstar – the game publishers – dropped RenderWareto capitalize on the in-house engine’s texture density, high-quality resolution, and particle effects in the PSP. Render Ware has been responsible for every title under the GTA franchise with the exception of Liberty City. The game’s facial animation was courtesy of Image Metrics. The game was released for the PlayStation 3 in April 2013. It comes with PS2 backward compatibility. Later in December 2015 and the enhanced version was released with touchscreen controls, high definition textures, real-time lighting, and draw distance for the iOS. Later in March 2016, this version was made available for Fire OS. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

The game has ten radio stations with a mix of tracks and licensed music created specifically for the game. It also features talk show radio stations. You can also listen to custom tracks in the PSP version. To enhance the custom soundtrack, the game developers placed an application called Rockstar Custom Tracks v1.0 on their download section so that players could play the songs. The game received some positive reviews from critics with the US version for PS2 selling one million copies as of February 2007. By August 2006 the US version of Liberty City for PlayStation had sold over 900,000 copies and this earned the company an estimated 48 million dollars. It also becomes the 16th highest selling game for Nintendo DS, GBA and PS in the US during the period January 2000 and August 2006. By March 2008 Liberty city had sold a total of eight million copies. In the UK it sold over six hundred thousand copies and this made Liberty city to earn a double platinum in the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

Grand Theft Auto Game Controversies

While the game has been enlisted in the Guinness book of records in 2008 and 2009 the game has received many controversies. The game developers have been criticized for glamorizing violence and promoting gang life. The game was condemned in France and Germany and Britain for its extreme use of violence. In Brazil, the game was completely banned. The controversies began with GTA 3 which was the first one to use 3D graphics and made the violent scenes more realistic. Players could even hire prostitutes to restore their health. They could even go to an extent of killing them an earning some extra cash. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

GTA 3 protagonist was also criticized for his ability to kill policemen and military personnel and go unpunished. Vice city also received a lot of negative criticism for its portrayal of Cuban and Haitian gang wars. The Cuban Haitian anti-defamation groups were opposed to the game. It was also criticized for its use of the racial slur. San Andreas was criticized mainly for its use of gangster elements like prostitution, drugs, and murder. The mini-game called hot coffee was largely criticized for its use of interactive sex. While it remained in the game code players in the windows version of the game discovered it. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

The unused code in GTA San Andreas soon found its way to PS2 and enabled players to engage in interactive sex. The leftover code was later rated Adults only and the company was later forced to reissue the game as a mature rating. A class action suit was filed against the game developers for the Hot coffee code. The biggest controversy against GTA IV was launched by the mothers against drunk driving who criticized the games ability to drink and drive. The group even requested the ESRB to change the rating from Mature to Adults only. The game has a final drunk driving event with the protagonist criticizing his decisions for drunk driving. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

The Lost and Damned which was introduced as an expansion pack for GTA IV were criticized for its frontal nudity during one of its cutscenes. This proved to lead to more criticism due to its front male nudity. GTA V was heavily criticized for its use of violence and torture methods. In the mission called by the book, you can view torture methods like dental extraction, kneecapping, electrocution, and waterboarding. The player is required to perform some of these in the game. A UK Based group called Freedom from Torture openly criticized these methods. They were opposed were victims teeth are removed just to extract information. Rockstar was accused of having crossed the line when it comes to torture methods. It also had a scene where an unarmed man is electrocuted. Get our GTA Liberty City Cheats Here.

How does GTA Liberty City Cheats work?

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