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Rockstar North has developed this action-packed game. It was released on October 26, 2004, for PS2 and on June 7, 2005, for Xbox and Microsoft Windows. Remastered high definition version was released in June 2015 for PS3 and later for Xbox 360. It is the seventh title under the GTA franchise. The game is played from a third person perspective and is set in the fictional town of San Andreas. It involves an open world environment and the player can explore the surroundings outside the game missions. The fictional world of San Andreas borrows heavily from Nevada and California. Included in the city of San Andreas are three metropolitan cities:- San Fierro mimicking San Francisco, Los Santos follows after Los Angeles and Las Venturas after Las Vegas. It follows the life of the protagonist called Carl “CJ” Johnson. He travels to the town of Los Santos after the murder of his mother. He attempts to reorganize his former gang after he finds them in disarray. In the process, he clashes with other gang members, corrupt cops and this helps him unravel his mother’s death. The game plot follows the gang-related clashes between the blood, crisps and Hispanic gangs, the LAPD Rampart scandal, the 1980s crack epidemic and the 1992 LA riots.

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How to Play GTA San Andreas Game?

The game incorporates role-playing and stealth to make it action-packed. Just like other GTA games it involves third-person shooter and driving. This allows the player to explore the open scenery in the game. When the player is walking on foot they can run, walk, sprint, climb, swim, and jump while using several weapons or engage in hand to hand combat. There is an assortment of vehicles available to the player including semis, boats, fixed wing aircraft, trains, helicopters, tanks, bikes, and motorcycles. You can add to your collection of vehicles through theft or importation. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

The benefit of a Non-linear environment is that the player is not dictated by anyone how they should choose to play the game. There are missions that the player has to complete to unlock more game features but this is not compulsory and the player can play the game as they wish. When pursuing a particular mission the player can roam the streets of San Andreas and cause destruction, eat in restaurants or cause havoc by attacking authorities. However, causing havoc will bring you into the radar of authorities. The more chaos you cause the heavier the force imposed by the authorities. If you do minor things like pointing guns at people, attacking pedestrians, manslaughter or stealing vehicles you will attract the attention of the police. However, if wanted levels rise then the military, FBI and Swat teams will come for you. Download our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

To provide an additional source of income or increase the character attributes the player may engage in several side missions. This can include putting off fires, dropping off taxi passengers, fighting crime like a vigilante and driving injured people to the hospital. This were available in previous GTA games what has been added in San Andreas are pimping missions, burglary missions, train and truck driving missions that may require the player to make deliveries on time, biking/driving/boating/flying schools. These missions help the character learn techniques and skills that they can use in their corresponding vehicles. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

The game does not have a load time when the player is in transit; this is unlike GTA 3 and vice city was loading screens were required when the player moved to another district. The only loading screens in GTA San Andreas are for the interiors and cutscenes. The player can also easily switch from single player to multiplayer mode. There is also the replacement of hidden packages with hidden camera shots, spray paint tags, oysters, horseshoes that the player has to discover. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

The fighting, camera and targeting controls were adopted from Rockstar game called Manhunt. This means San Andreas has several stealth elements as well as improved crosshairs. The target health indicator has also been improved and now changes from green to red to black depending on the health of the player. If you are playing the PC version you will need to hold the right mouse button so as to activate the crosshairs. To access the camera click and hold at the left mouse button; it is also used for shooting. This is the first time in the series that the player can climb walls and swim. The ability to swim and dive affects the player positively unless they drown. To increase firepower when fighting opponents the player can engage in drive-by shootings with multiple gang members or use multiple weapons. You can use the HUD map to guide the player to their desired destination. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

GTA San Andreas Cheats Android

GTA San Andreas Game Development

The game developers wanted more personalization for the protagonist and this led to certain role-playing elements being added to the game like the ability to purchase jewelry, haircuts, clothing, accessories, and tattoos. Depending on his appearance and actions CJ influence and effect on fellow gang members varies. This extends to relationships with his girlfriends. As a player, you will need to ensure that Cj exercises and eats healthy. This balance on exercise and eating has an effect on his physical attributes and appearances. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

As the game progresses players improve in skills like firearms, driving, stamina, firearm handling, and lung capacity. The protagonist can learn three hand to hand combat skills like kickboxing, boxing, and kung fu. There are gyms in the three cities that CJ can learn these. CJ interacts with pedestrians in the game and his conversations can either be positive or negative. When the cutscenes were developed they were over 4,200 dialogue lines available for CJ. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

The number of vehicles in the game has been increased to a total of 250 from 50 in GTA 3. In addition, you have an assortment of bikes, street sweepers, harvester, trailers, a jetpack among others. The car dynamics have been created to be like those of street racing games enabling players to access nitro upgrades, drive midair and other aesthetic modifications. Different vehicles serve different purposes. You use off-road vehicles in rough terrain, racing cars for street races. You have access to jets but their require a runway for takeoff and landing. Instead of a jet, you can take a helicopter, though slower they can land anywhere. The game has added eleven fixed-wing aircraft and nine helicopters. This increases your odds of completing missions. You can skydive with a parachute from an aircraft and use several modified boats. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.Download GTA San Andreas Cheats Android

New additions in the game including how to initiate gang wars. For the player to prompt a gang war they have to travel to enemy territory and kill at least three gang members. If the player is able to survive three waves from the gangs then he wins and his fellow gang members can roam the territory. More money is earned by the players if they increase the territories under their control. The territories are not permanent and the player has to fight off rival gangs bent on taking it back. The opposing gang leader is prevented from attacking once the player has acquired marked territories from the two hostile gangs. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

You can modify and upgrade your vehicle in any of the garages spread across the game. You can view all the car modifications with exception of the nitrous oxide upgrade and stereo. The stereo gives the car more bass while the nitro upgrade increases the speed. In addition, you have hydraulics upgrades that lower the vehicle and you can change the car’s suspension. Others include rims, paint jobs, body kits, bumpers, spoilers and side skirts. One controversial money making activity in the game is a home invasion. To do this the player needs to steal a van and drive off to a neighborhood, shakedown occupants and walk away with valuables. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

You also have a collection of mini – games which you can enjoy in the game like pool, basketball, and rhythm-based challenges like bouncing and dancing. You can also play classic arcade games. There are also betting games like casinos and a virtual horse race. How players spend their money has been improved when compared with previous games. Now the player can use their money on clothes, gambling, meals, tattoos among others. You can sink into debt due to excessive gambling and this appears as red numbers. CJ at some point leaves a safe house and someone informs him about his debts. The call leads to four men who mysteriously appear demanding payment for their debt from CJ. The multiplayer mode allows to players access to the game. The players must stay close to each other as they are shown simultaneously on the screen. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

The game takes place in the year 1992 in the fictional state of San Andreas. Which are based on the Nevada and California? There are also three fictional cities called San Fierro, Los Santos and Las Venturas. The settings for the towns is set in the southwestern region of USA. Players can parachute from the sky, drive for half a mile to tall Mount Chiliad, visit rural towns and villages in the five counties. You can also visit the Sherman Dam that is based on the popular Hoover Dam. There is a large restricted military base called area 69, Large satellite dish and many geographical features modeled after real places. CJ belongs to the Grove family gang. They are hostile to the Seville Boulevard and Temple Drive Families. The main rival gangs opposed to CJs are Los Santos Vagos and Ballas. The Los Aztecas operates in Los Santos. Other main gangs in the game include San Fierro Rifa, Vietnamese gangs, Da Nang boys, San Fierro Triads. In the town of Las Venturas, the main gangs are the triads. Get our GTA San Andreas Cheats Android Here.

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