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The game an action-packed sequel was released on October 29, 2002, for PS2 and May 12, 2003, for Microsoft Windows. Rockstar North develops it while Rockstar Games distributes it. On the game’s tenth anniversary a remastered version was created for mobile platforms in 2012. The game is the sixth title in the GTA series which made its debut in 2001. It is based in a fictional city called Vice City which a replica of Miami city. The game plot follows the life of Tommy Vercetti soon after leaving prison. He was sent to prison after an ambush in a drug deal gone wrong. Now he’s determined to set the record straight and find those who framed him while taking control of a criminal organization. You play the game from a third perspective narrative and the character can navigate the city on either a vehicle or on foot. With the open layout of the game, you can explore Vice city islands. The plot in the game is based on real-life events that took place between Haitian, Cuban and Biker gangs. It also gets influence from TV shows like Miami Vice and Scarface. The game was well received and ended up selling over 17.5 million copies; it is also considered one of the greatest video games that have ever been made. Download our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here. Download GTA Vice City Cheats PS2

How to Play GTA Vice City Game?

You play the game from a third person perspective. The game is action-packed and features Tommy Vercetti; you control him as you complete several missions in the game. To progress through the storyline you will need to follow some linear scenarios. Missions could run concurrently with the player waiting for further instructions. Their optional missions that the player can engage in the open world. Vice City consists of two main islands and other smaller sections. You unlock the islands as the player progresses in the story. Get our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

To navigate the game’s world the player can jump, run, or drive vehicles found in the game. To fight off enemies the player uses firearms and melee attacks. Firearms in the game include M60 machine gun, Colt Python, and a minigun. Using the three-dimensional view the player can zoom in into a first-person view with the rocket launcher or the sniper rifle. By facing sideways in a vehicle, the player can perform drive-by shootings. You can also get more weapons from a dealer shop, retrieving them from dead enemies and from the ground. The auto-aim, when used in combat, can be used as assistance against enemies. Download our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

Health pickups found in the game are used to boost the player’s health when it is down. While temporary, you can use body armor to resist gunshots and explosive damage. When a players health is finished they can only get help in a nearby hospital; the game stops at this time and the player loses his money, armor and all their weapons. The player can commit crimes in the game, which may warrant arrest from the law enforcement agencies. This will be reflected in the HUD screen with a wanted meter appearing on the screen. This meter increases as the player commit more crimes. When the meter reaches six stars, you will see military and police helicopters swam the area in an effort to catch the player. Get our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

During the game, the protagonist will interact with other gang members. Fellow gang members help the player while rival gangs try to shoot him whenever they see him. In addition to freely roaming the open world, the player can also engage in firefighting activities, vigilante mini-game and operate a cab service. These activities when completed well give the player context specific rewards. The protagonist can build his criminal empire and purchase more apartments where he can use them as hideouts or store his weapon cache. The player can also purchase business enterprises like a taxi company, film studio and entertainment clubs. Before the properties begin to bring in an income, they will need to meet specific objectives like stealing equipment or eliminating competition. Get our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

What is the Game Plot in GTA Vice City Game?

GTA Vice City Cheats PS2The game plot follows Tommy Vercetti who happens to be a member of the Forelli family. He lives prison after 15 years of jail life. Tommy begins his mission when he’s ordered by his boss to travel to Vice city and deal with a cocaine deal. When they arrive at the city, a rogue lawyer called Ken Rosenberg immediately takes them to the docks. But before they get there they are ambushed by a gang who kill their bodyguards. Tommy narrowly escapes but loses the cocaine and Forelli’s money in the process. Tommy gets to his hotel and orders Sonny to track the perpetrators and recover the money and cocaine. Get out GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

Ken soon gets information that points the ambush is linked to Juan Garcia. Juan helps then find the masterminds of the attack. While the pair is looking for clues they stumble upon Kent Paul who directs them to one of the participants in the attack. Tommy later gets hired by Ricardo as a bodyguard. But, Cortez is suspicious of Diaz who he thinks could have organized the attack. Tommy soon becomes Vice city kingpin after killing Diaz. With time Tommy is able to build a criminal empire and disassociate himself from the Forelli family. To fight off the Haitians, Tommy teams up with Cuban gang leader Umberto Robina. Umberto soon becomes Tommy’s top trade partner after destroying the Haitians drug factory. Tommy soon finds the favor before Mitch Baker who is the leader of the biker gang. To expand his empire, Tommy purchases several bankrupt businesses and transforms them into profitability. Get our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

Sonny soon discovers that Tommy has left them out in his quest to conquer Vice City. This enrages him and he sends some members of the Forelli to go and extort money from him. Tommy defeats them and decides to cut ties with the Forelli family for good. However, Sonny not one to be deterred arrives at Tommy compound with an army of Mafioso members demanding his cut. Tommy winkles his way around the problem by giving Sonny counterfeit money. It is later revealed that Sonny is the one who set up Tommy to go to jail some 15 years ago. Lance also comes clean and tells Tommy that he is the one who has been informing Sonny about his activities in Vice city. Tommy enraged by the betrayal goes after Lance and kills him. A battle ensues and Tommy kills Sonny and his gang – eliminating once and for all. The story plot ends with Ken visiting Tommy and finding a bloodbath. Tommy reassures him that everything is okay. The game plot ends with Tommy as the undisputed Kingpin of Vice City. Download our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

Game Development and Setting for Vice City

Game development for Vice city begun in late 2001 and was done by Rockstar North. This was the same time that GTA III has been released. Initially, development consisted of creating 3D graphics; actual game development kicked off at the beginning of 2002. Soon after the release of GTA version for Windows, the game developers decided to change the plot and add more vehicles, weapons, and missions. This further led to the game becoming a standalone game titled GTA vice city. It was during the Electronic Entertainment Expo on May 22, 2002, that the game was announced. With a budget of five million dollars, it was Rockstar most expensive game. Get our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

The game is set in a fictional city called Vice city. The city borrows heavily from Miami city in the US. The city was first incorporated in the GTA franchise in 1997 but developers decided to reuse the scenes and create a totally new game. Liberty City is based on New York City and so the developers tried to use some of the similarities and differences found in the original GTA games. This leads them to the city of Miami which is known for its parties and sex scenes. The developers made the game fun even though a lot of criminal activity was involved. This made them have a very lively vice city; you can experience this even though you are in a building. Get our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

The adjusted its look so that clothing and vehicles reflected the 1980s era. The development team borrowed heavily from Carlito way and Scarface. The team also borrowed from Miami Vice. The team decided to have a speaking protagonist unlike in the previous title where Claude remains silent. Ray Liotta was able to fill this gap and is the voice behind Tommy. She, however, found the role to be a bit challenging and intense. A blue screen was used during the making of the voices so that Loitta could visualize gameplay. Tommy was created as a dangerous character who waits for the right opportunity to pounce. This resulted in complaints from Loitta who found the character difficult to maintain. Download our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

The game had original animations with very little being borrowed from GTA III. Motion capture graphics where used for the characters. Gameplay movements used a combination of motion capture and stop-motion animations techniques. To make the pedestrians more realistic skins where used. This led to the game having over 110 unique pedestrian models who accompanied the 50 main characters. To enhance the feel of the animations the developers used polygons and textures that were not previously available in GTA III. Weapon hit accuracy was enhanced due to the use of character physics. Some of the mafia characters were inspired by award-winning movies like the 1972 Godfather movie. While some were inspired by TV shows. Tommy and Lance were created to be similar to Ricardo Tubbs and Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice. Vice city has 8000 recorded dialogues which are four times more than those in GTA III. In addition, it has nine hours of music and 90 minutes of cutscene; there are also 113 songs and commercials. This has made the game to be very unique and a great improvement from GTA III. Get our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2 Here.

How to use our GTA Vice City Cheats PS2?

GTA Vice City Cheats PS2If you have played Vice city on your PlayStation 2 then you know how challenging the game is. You can play it for hours just to accomplish certain missions. With GTA Vice city cheats PS2 you can do this within a very short time. Our cheats enable you to unlock some awesome game features like weapons, cool cars, and bikes. Our cheats do not cause any blockages so do not be afraid that the game developers will shut you down when playing the game. You can download the game first to your PC and then transfer the cheats to your PS2 card.

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